June 10, 2019

Handpicked Sourdough


Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread! Crusty thick slices awaiting a partner, where imagination has no limits. They say bread is a staple of life.  At Fire it’s the partner of many of our dishes, so when we opened Fire late last year we went on a mission: to find the very best bread.

Handpicking local suppliers for the Jetsons group of restaurants, of which Fire is part of, has been an important endeavor for owners Mike Fraser and Lloyd Rooney. “It’s a core component of our restaurants that we support our local suppliers in the regions. Our whole philosophy of ‘Gate to Plate’ includes finding and then buying from small to medium producers.” Lloyd says.

So when searching for the perfect slice of heaven, the boys took it very seriously and in the end didn't have far to look very far before discovering the amazing talents of artisan bread makers Margaret and Sam of Mount Sourdough.

Mount Sourdough is a family business run by mother and son, who together have created a unique blend of ingredients to perfect the Sourdough bread recipe.  A shared passion and philosophy of healthy food, not to mention the flavour of the bread, made them the obvious choice to partner with.  With no commercial yeast or additives/ preservatives, it is not only gentler on the stomach, but also gives the bread a very unique and moorish flavour.

Owner Mike explains: “Mount Sourdough is some of the best bread we have ever tasted. Getting the combination of healthy, organic and mix of flavours is the first thing we look for when choosing a supplier, and of course it has to complement our dishes and taste good!”

There are a range of dishes we have partnered the sourdough bread with at our Mount Maunganui Fire Restaurant but the one not to be missed is our Eggs Benedict, truly a weekend favourite.

Mount Sourdough

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